The Open Journal of Economics and Finance – Volume 2

Table of Contents:

Volume 2,  Year 2018
(Open Access)

Public Finance and Banking Sector during the European Debt Crisis  – (Pages: 1-12)
Nicolas Huchet* and Bénédicte Serbini

The Halloween Effect in European Equity Mutual Funds  – (Pages: 20-35)
José Dias Curto*, Luís Oliveira and Ana Rita Matilde

Optimizing Marginal Conditional Stochastic Dominance Portfolios   – (Pages: 36-44)
Haim Shalit* and Gleb Gertsman

Ethical Economic Policy and Poverty in America  – (Pages: 61-64)
Ravi Batra

Effect of Investor Overconfidence Behavior on Stock Market Reactions in Kenya for the Year 2004 to 2016  – (Pages: 65-70)
Irene Cherono*, Tabitha Nasieku and Tobias Olweny

Financial Development, Economic Environment and Policies   – (Pages: 71-78)
Yin Yin Mon*

Institutions and Growth: An Investigation of the Governance’s Transmis-sion Channels   – (Pages: 79-94)
Ahmed S. Abou-Zaid* and Hamid Lahouij