Global Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology – Volume-1


Table of Contents:

Volume 1,  Year 2019
(Open Access)

Vitamin D Intoxication in a Hydrochlorothiazide-Treated Patient  – (Pages: 01-10)
Agnieszka Kuzior, Manuel Esteban Nivelo-Rivadeneira, Paula Maria FernandezTrujillo-Comenge, Ana Delia Santana-Suarez, Carmen Acosta-Calero, Paula Gonzalez-Diaz, Maria Victoria Sainz de Aja-Curbelo, Patricia Olmo-Rodriguez, Alberto Dieguez-Moreno and Francisco Javier Martinez-Martin

TAS2R38 Genomics in Pediatric Patients with and without Obesity – (Pages: 15-19)
Gregory L. Kearns, Beverly J. Spray, Patricia A. Porter-Gill, Grace A. Goode and Henry C. Farrar