Editor-in-Chief – The Open Journal of Economics and Finance



Natalia Melgar Alassio
(Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain)


• Applied econometrics and statistics                      • Poverty, inequality and prosperity
• Applied Micro and macroeconomics                     • International trade economics
• Evaluation of social policies                                  • Governance


  • 2009 – 2013 Ph.D. in Economics (Cum Laude, part-time study), Universidad de Granada, Spain.
  • 2005 – 2008 Master in International Economics (Great distinction, part-time study), Universidad de la República, Uruguay.
  • 1999 – 2004 Degree in Economics, Universidad de la República, Uruguay.
  • 1997 – 1999 Diploma in Economics, Universidad de la República, Uruguay.


Nov. 2008 to Jul. 2015: International Monetary Fund – Economist

• Led econometric work on the real economy – including the evolution and forecast of Gross Domestic Product, consumption and investment – and applied macroeconomics studies – including work on inflation, public debt, fiscal issues, and monetary policy.

• Led research projects including: opacity, investment and investment promotion, inflation targeting and the wage negotiation rounds.

• Led and collaborated in microeconomic analysis – including projects on labor market, poverty, climate change, tax reform, health system reform, public-private partnerships, education, among others.

• Role involved monitoring the government borrowing portfolio and all aspects of the Uruguayan economy and political issues, reporting directly to the Resident Representative and Mission Chief.

• Led short-term economic analysis also reporting directly to the Resident Representative and Mission Chief.

• Role required direct contact with local authorities – including the Minsters of Finance and Industry, the Governor of the Central Bank and the Director of the Planning and Budget Office – Resident Representatives of other international organizations and relevant private sector agents – including think tanks, banks and chambers.

• Performance was praised by directors and colleagues, particularly regarding: quality and relevance of outputs produced; attention to detail, working to deadlines, responding flexibly and positively to changing situations and thoroughness in assessing issues.

• Confirmed in post after one-year probation period with excellent feedback from managers.

Aug. 2003 to Jul. 2004: United Nations Development Program – Internship

• Support Program Officers and the Resident Representative, including collecting data, classifying information and summarizing data.

• Data analysis and elaboration of short-term reports

• Led the evaluation process of previous projects – including baseline, timetable, budget and achievements -, outputs included new guidelines for monitoring new projects.

• Performance was praised by managers, particularly regarding: quality of outputs produced; enthusiasm to achieve goals and action planning.

Mar. 2001 to Jul. 2003: Labor Ministry – Internship

• Performed data analysis and evaluation of programs at the National Labor Division.

• Performance was praised by Directors, trade unions and chambers, particularly regarding the clarity of presentations.


Feb. 2016: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank Group – Consultant

• Consultancy at the Finance Ministry, Trade Policy Unit.

• Led the monitoring and evaluation of the purchases made by the national government and foreign governments as a trade policy instrument.

• Role involved the monitoring and evaluation of all trade policy instruments.

May 2009 to Nov. 2009: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD – Consultant

• Led the first research project on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Uruguay.

• Outputs were summarized in a report presented in a workshop at EAFIT University (Medellin, Colombia) receiving excellent feedback

from the UNCTAD Virtual Institute which was also published in a Spanish legal review.

Oct. 2008 to Feb. 2009: Swedish Environmental Research Institute – Consultant

• Led research project on Sustainable Water Resources Management (TWINLATIN project), focusing on irrigation and climate change in the north of the country and the analysis of water resources at the Cuareim – Quaraí River Basin.

• Received strong feedback from the Agriculture and Environment Ministries, particularly regarding policy recommendations.

Jan. 2007 to Oct. 2008: United Nations Development Program, UNDP – Consultant

• Role involved the monitoring and evaluation of social policies led by the Social Development Ministry.

• Role also included the assessment of the Social Public Spending (evolution and impact).

• Performance was praised by Directors and the Minister, particularly regarding the quality of the analysis and the clarity of the reports in explaining concepts in a clear manner, which would be appropriate for a non-technical audience.

Sep. 2004 to Dec. 2004: Inter American Development Bank – Consultant

• Collaborated in the project UR0145: “Support to Public Sector Modernization”.

• Role involved the evaluation of Labor Ministry ́s policies including: a) simplification and reengineering of procedures for achieving targets faster and for reducing costs and b) providing better information on processes and procedures.

• Received strong feedback from the Planning and Budget Office Directors, particularly regarding guidelines to improve efficiency.


Mar. 2015 to present: Universidad de la Empresa – Tenured Professor

• Taught MBA courses: Microeconomics and Finance, receiving excellent student feedback.

• Supervisor of MBA theses and member of evaluation committees.

Mar. 2006 to present: Universidad Católica del Uruguay – Tenured Professor

• Taught undergraduate courses, receiving excellent student feedback: 1) introduction to micro and macroeconomics, 2) Industrial Organization, 3) Game Theory, 4) Microeconomics II and 5) Microeconomics.

Sep. 2005 to Apr. 2014: School of Social Sciences (Universidad de la República) – Researcher and Professor

• Led research projects on applied microeconomics, including design and scope of analysis, data requirements and other resources, coordination with co-authors and managing process of publication.

• Quality and breadth of research evidenced by publishing several academic works in peer reviewed publications (see publications below) and by presenting the publications in international conferences.

• Received outstanding feedback on contribution of work, including from seminal contributors to the literature.

• Taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including: Microeconomics, Advanced Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Mathematics, receiving excellent student feedback.

• Initial one-year contract renewed each year on basis of excellent performance evaluation.

• Frequently invited to review work by others. In particular, I have recently acted as referee for The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, the International Journal of Public Opinion Research, the Journal of Reviews on Global Economics, the International Journal of Arts and Humanities and the British Journal of Economics, Management & Trade.

Apr. 2001 to Mar. 2012: School of Economics (Universidad de la República) – Researcher and Lecturer

• Taught undergraduate courses, including: Advanced Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics and Finance, receiving excellent student feedback.

• Supervision of undergraduate theses and participation in evaluation committees.

• Researcher at the Short-term Economic Analysis Division:

o projects included short-term analysis, specially issues related to the financial market.

o the main results were published quarterly in a free disclosure books edited by the Economic Institute.

• Researcher at the Gender and Income Analysis Division:

o projects included the evaluation of gender policies carried out by the Labor Ministry.

o performed data analysis, construction of indicators and suggestion of guidelines.


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• Andalusia – Latin America Academic Mobility scholarship, Asociación Universitaria Iberoamericana de Postgrado, AUIP (2013).

• SEPHIS Award granted by The South-South Exchange Program for Research on the History of Development (2009).

• Research Scholarship, Department of Economics, Universidad de Granada, Spain (2008).

• Andalusia – Latin America Academic Mobility scholarship, AUIP (2006).

• Research Award, International Council for Canadian Studies (2006) which included a studentship at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.


• Member of the National Agency for Research and Innovation of Uruguay (ANII).

• Member of the System of Scientific Information of Andalusia, Spain (SICA).


• Gastón Gelos, Ph.D., Resident Representative, IMF (2008 to 2010). E-mail: [email protected]

• Maria González, Ph.D., Resident Representative, IMF (2010 to 2012). E-mail: [email protected]

• Gabriela Mordecki, Msc,, School of Economics, Universidad de la República. E-mail: [email protected]