Analysis of Obstacles in the Implementation of the Public Administration Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Area of Human Resources Management

(Pages: 107-116)

Jelena Petrović*

Dubrovačka 86, 88000 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Public Administration Reform is a complex process that aims the adjustment of the system to a turbulent and uncertain environment. It seeks faster and more radical changes to enable public administration to respond to new challenges.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a very complex state structure as well as a poor labour market situation. Public opinion research on public administration mainly refers to unsatisfactory structure of employees, inadequate qualifications, wages, excess workforce or corruption. Great reforms and efforts are needed to improve human resources efficiency and performance as the most important factor for the success of public administration reform.

Using the primary and secondary data analysis, paper gives an insight in three main obstacles that hinder the development of human resources management in a full capacity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which would create an institutional framework for the development of competence and motivation for work. It is about the reputation of public administration, the huge complexity of the legislative framework, and the level of investment in employees and opportunities for their personal growth and development.

Through the conducted analysis of the results of the survey on civil servants, it is confirmed that there is no lack in motivation or desire to improve their knowledge and skills, they want more room for growth and development in order to implement the reforms, but these opportunities are not provided to them by the current organization of the system. Much clearer processes and simplification can accelerate reform and can awaken to a new way of work that focuses on results and competencies and become attractive for talented and competent young people.


Civil servants, Human resources management, Public administration, Reforms.