Short and Narrow Diameter Dental Implants Versus Advanced Surgical Procedures (Pages: 09-11)

Nigar Baghırova1 Fatma Pehlivanlar2 and Canan Hekimoğlu1,*

1Hacettepe University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Prosthodontics. 06100 Sıhhiye-Ankara, Turkey.
2Trabzon Oral Health Hospital, Trabzon, Turkey.


Demands for placement of dental implants are increasing in place of missing teeth. However, anatomical structures and changes in them impose limitations on the use of appropriate length and diameter implants. In such cases, it is emphasized that high survival and success rates can be achieved by placing shorter and narrower diameter implants than standard implants in meticulously defined cases.


Length of implant, diameter of implant, bone quality, volume of bone.