Predictive Validity Test of the Adolescent Domain Screening Inventory with an Anti-Social Adolescent Population

(Pages: 29-33)

Matthew J. Corrigan* and Christine H. Heer 

Master of Social Work Program, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work, Seton Hall University, Room 216 Arts and Sciences Hall, 400 South Orange Avenue, South Orange, NJ 07079. 


Introduction: Literature demonstrates the connections between antisocial behavior and substance use. The Adolescent Domain Screening Inventory (ADSI), has shown high predictive validity for both risk of substance use and problematic substance use. This study hypothesizes that the ADSI will demonstrate acceptable predictive validity for use with an anti-social population. Materials and

Methodology: A secondary analysis was conducted, and binary logistic regressions run to determine the predictive validity on an anti-social behavior variable. Results: The ADSI correctly predicted anti-social behavior 83.5% of the time.

Discussion and Conclusion: The results of this predictive validity analysis indicate that the Adolescent Domain Screening Inventory shows promise for use as an instrument to assess adolescents for high risk status for antisocial behavior, and warrants further investigation for such use. 


Screening; adolescent; antisocial behavior; risk factors.